pe:tite re:treat - Renee Maschinot ~ Cosmetic/Medical Tattoo Artist ~

Renee Maschinot has lived in the Fort 
Lauderdale area for 45 years.
A salon owner and licensed esthetician
for 30 years. Renee has honed
a reputation for excellence and
personalized service.

She began her artistic journey as an 
art restorer. Her precise placement of pigment color and perfectionist eye insured an "invisible" repair.
After experiencing permanent makeup first hand, she realized that by
combining her talents with her quest for restoring beauty she
had found her passion.

Knowing the industry standards, Renee set herself apart and chose a 2 year apprenticeship with renowned tattoo artist, 
John Hashey.
This lengthly advanced training gave Renee the opportunity to
study the paramedical aspect of permanent makeup.
She now specializes in 3D nipple/areola tattooing for breast cancer survivors.

Renee is honored to say she has trained with Vinnie Myers. Vinnie is world renowned for creating a realistic nipple areola complex. His tattooing has changed the industrys standards....and Renee is proud to call him her friend and mentor.

Renee is committed to staying on top of industry trends, through ongoing training and professional affiliations and memberships.

She is a member of:
Board Certified Diplomat in the AAM..American Academy of Micropigmentation

Renee has been fortunate to have studied with Pati Pavlik.
Pati is known as the "Mother of Permanent Makeup".
"Working with Pati is a great honor, something
I will always treasure."

CCTA- Coventional and Cosmetic Tattoo Association

Her goal is to create a safe, nurturing environment for her clients.

Renee says, "I found my true calling, to be able to 
restore what time
or illness have taken away is now my lifes work."

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